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Feel free to explore what the site has to offer.  It is suggested that this website is viewed on a desktop to enjoy it to it’s fullest.  You can still browse on mobile devices, but you will be missing out on a few things. This site is also very graphic heavy, so please allow items to load if you are on a slow connection.

This website and it’s YouTube are chaotically updated at random times. We hope that you will come to visit us again in the future.

Last Updated: 05-04-24

How to Play the Game

Step 1: Explore the site.
Step 2: Interact with the site.
Step 3: Find hidden stuff.
Step 4: Things do change, keep checking back.

The purpose of this site is for users to explore and interact with its pages.  There are many hidden paths, some may even lead to hidden trinkets you can win, hidden communities, and answers to the mystery of what happened to Hope.

There will be no clues hidden in the html, css, or any other code. However just because something seems off screen doesn’t mean it’s not there.

 As you navigate the story that has been placed before you, I hope that you will enjoy the world, the mystery, and thrill that has been created for you.  Learn more about A Grimm Design.

Scrap Paper

[You unwrinkled the scrap piece of paper you found.  It’s strange…the writing on the paper looks familiar…]

“I have tried everything to open the lock on the last book. There was a note attached to it that said it would only unlock in the shadow of the moon…or whatever that means.” 

How to Play

[You pick up a piece of scrap paper. These brackets indicate an in-game character action.]



“Everything has a part to play.”