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Below you will find various freebies and tutorials from Grimm. As these are freebies they are free for personal use.

If you like them please feel free to donate a 'thank you' amount by using the button to the right. Again these are free for personal use and are NOT for commercial resale. You may repost them for free, but please give credit and a link back.

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TARDIS Birthday Party Cards

These are a fun, simple, and enjoyable way to create a personal handmade touch to any Doctor Who Themed Party. Just download the zip file and following the Read Me.PDF. The Digital Items are already included and are to scale, you'll need to download the zip tiles.

Download the Free Zip File here: TARDIS Invite Card Zip File (Contains 5 files)

Bison Pasty Recipe

This is a delicious twist off the Butte Pasty using Bison and corn. Makes enough for six fist sized Pastys.

Download the Free File here: BISON PASTY Recipe Download (Contains 1 PDF)

Steampunk Switch Plate Cover Tutorial

I wanted to share a simple tutorial on customizing light switch plate covers. You can do this to fit your particular style and taste. Let your imagination take hold and see what you can create.

Download the Free File here: Steampunk Switch Cover Download (Contains 1 PDF)

View on DeviantArt: Steampunk Switch Plate Cover Tutorial PDF